any good UPS for a Fedora server

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Wed Nov 14 16:19:35 UTC 2007

John Summerfield wrote:
> it's something I often say in jest, but true nonetheless. A laptop can
> make a good low-end server, and as you say, it comes with a built-in UPS.
One problem you will probably run into is that the batteries in most
laptops will lost run time if you do not do a long discharge/charge
cycle every so often. I know two many people that are using a laptop
as a desktop because of space considerations, and have had the
battery degrade to less then 10 minutes of runtime, while the same
model laptop where they have used the battery (actually used it as a
laptop.) has 90 minutes or more of runtime. I am not sure if this is
because of the differences between the lead/acid gel-cells used in a
UPS compared to the lithium-ion batteries, or if it is the battery
charge monitor gets confused by the short charge/discharge cycles. I
do know that the lithium-ion battery charge can not be measured by
voltage level like the lead-acid batteries can. Bye the time the
voltage starts dropping, they are almost dead.


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