any good UPS for a Fedora server

Dean S. Messing deanm at
Wed Nov 14 19:10:40 UTC 2007

Bruno Wolff wrote:
: > Saqib Ali wrote:
: > I am looking for a UPS for a single Fedora server for a non-profit
: > org. Only one machine (HP DL360 G4) will be connected to the UPS. We
: > need about 2 hrs of run-time, with automatic shutdown capability, and
: > restart when the power comes back.
: > 
: > Any good APC UPS that has rpm for Fedora?
: For that long of a time you may want to look into some sort of backup
: generator. You can get ones that run off natural gas for a few thousand
: dollars.

A generator (with all the attendant noise, fumes, $$$$, &c.)  may be
overkill if the machine is drawing less than a KW.  (I'm not familiar
with the machine.)

You can go to GI Joe's (here in the U.S.A.) and buy a 1 KW
12V DC --> 120V AC inverter for $150.  You can then go to Sears
and buy a "deep-charge" 12V  Rec. Vehicle battery for another $100 or so.
This will give you a substantial (don't know exactly how much) number
of minutes of high quality AC to run your computer.  Another N × $100 or
so buys N more batteries which can be hooked in parallel to 
multiply your original time by (N+1).

The only incomplete parts of this is the switch-over mechanism and the
auto shutdown.  They make swithover devices for generators so the same
device shd. be able to be used here, I suppose.


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