any good UPS for a Fedora server

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Wed Nov 14 19:36:31 UTC 2007

Mike wrote:
> I get 3+ hours of run time from this combination (RS1500 plus external
> BR24BP battery):
> The measured power consumption of the singler server that this backs up
> is only 115 watts, pretty low generally speaking.
> I use a usb cable between the RS1500 and the server.  I've configured
> apcupsd to page me when several different events happen, power out,
> power restored etc.
> The downside of the RS1500 and apcupsd is that 9 times out of 10 it
> triggers a shutdown long before the battery is even close to exhausted.
> To prevent this I replaced the shutdown script with a script that does
> nothing.  Never did find a more elegant solution.

My problem has always been the opposite, when the battery gets low
enough, can I effect a clean shutdown before the UPS runs out of power.
 B^)  apcupsd allows you to configure when you want the shutdown to
start either as a percentage of battery life remaining, or at a fixed
time before the batteries dies.  Knowing whether either of these is an
accurate amount is the problem.  I keep adjusting my values, but full
power outages which drain the UPS are so rare for me that when it
happens, its too late.  (OTOH, I get lots of power fluctuation which the
UPS treats as power loss/power restore, usually within 4-5 seconds, but
are actually just short voltage drops (brownouts)).

> In any case this may not be the UPS for you but this works well for me.
> Someone can almsost always get to the server if the "Power restored"
> page doesn't come in within 2 hours of power out...

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