[F8] Can not configure sound AC97

stan goedigi89__e at cox.net
Wed Nov 14 20:57:03 UTC 2007

Vnpenguin wrote:
> Hi all,
> Under root, when I run system-config-sound I can play  the test no
> problem. I saved and exit. But when I play a mp3 (with plug-in mp3
> from Livna) with audacious I got always error message:
> ----------------------------------
> Couldn't open audio
> Please check that:
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> -----------------------------------
> My card is VIA, model AC97, module snd-via82xx and it works very well under FC7.
> Any help please !
> Thanks,
This is probably a pulseaudio issue.  To check, do a
yum remove pulseaudio-alsa
If sound works like it did in Fedora 7 after this, then there is a 
misconfiguration in the pulseaudio - ALSA link.

I don't need any of the functionality that pulseaudio provides so
I turned it off in the configuration file (go to www.pulseaudio.org for 
documentation as there doesn't appear to be any packaged with Fedora).

Hope that helps.

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