Copy words still broken

Karl Larsen k5di at
Wed Nov 14 21:53:36 UTC 2007

David Timms wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>    With about 7 reboots and looking at the motherboard book I am 
>> certain the mouse and the keyboard are plugged in properly. But when 
>> I press both the left and right mouse buttons I always get not what I 
>> expect but a panel much like the Edit key shows when clicked. It is 
>> not always the same. But never is it what I am used to getting.
>>    I put a lot of print on a terminal window and then select some of 
>> it. Then try to let it appear on another terminal window but all I 
>> get is the darn old panel. I'm now certain it is a system problem but 
>> I have no idea what.
> Are you in the gui {gnome?} or vt1..4 ?
> If you are talking gnome-terminal:
> both click = middle click button3 = paste what is currently 
> highlighted into the current edit position. {ie the command that is 
> being entered at the bottom of the terminal}.
> Sometimes it rather difficult to get the both click timing correct.
> On a wheel mouse {mine} pushing the wheel down {into the mouse} also 
> does the middle / button 3 click.
> You could also ctrl-alt-c to copy and then ctrl-alt-v to paste the text.
> DaveT.
    Hi Dave, tried your ideas and none worked :-(

The ctrl-Alt-c and v work exactly like the mouse which is a Logitec 
track-ball with two switches. I have fooled around with the mouse and 
keyboard. It appears the keyboard will work if plugged into EITHER ps2 
ports, even though one is labeled mouse and the other keyboard. I just 
noticed the mouse has a USB plug which was in a USB-to-ps2 converter 
plug. So I took off the converter and plugged the mouse into a USB port 
and it works fine.

    The ability to copy any words from one thing to another has been a 
great improvement over Windows for 10 years.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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