I done messed up (and other problems)

Ben Brown xthor at xthorsworld.com
Thu Nov 15 05:59:35 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 23:59 -0500, Greg Smith wrote:
> Anyway, how do I create a bootable Fedora 8 bootdisk.img on my memory
> stick?

I used syslinux to make mine bootable, using this information:


But, instead of putting DSL on it, I copied the contents of bootdisk.img
to the flash drive instead.

> The second problem machine is a headless machine.  No keyboard, video
> card, monitor, cd/dvd.  It does have a serial port that connects to
> another machine that has a serial port; minicom works fine.  Also has
> a
> usb port.  Can I boot bootdisk.img from a usb stick and do a headless
> install?

Use the methods above, then create a kickstart file. You could even make
the installer kick off a VNC session, and connect to it from another
machine. I prefer this over attempting to do a fully automated
install... I've made too many mistakes in kickstart config files and had
it hang waiting for input. :)

- Ben

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