F8: Mozilla plugins (flash and mplayer) don't work

Mike Chambers mike at miketc.com
Thu Nov 15 13:22:12 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 10:36 -0200, André Costa wrote:
> Well, proceeding with my efforts to get F8 up and running... =/
> My problem now is Mozilla plugins: Adobe Flash player doesn't work
> (nspluginwrapper fails to, well, wrap it, for some reason), and
> mplayer plugin downloads the whole movie but doesn't play it. If I
> save the movie and play it directly with either xine or mplayer it
> plays just fine (I tried with some trailers from
> http://www.apple.com/trailers)

I got them to play just fine via online without having to download them.
Although, for some reason, I can't hear anything though.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"The best lil town on Earth!"

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