Copy words still broken

Chris G cl at
Thu Nov 15 15:58:06 UTC 2007

On Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 10:49:03AM -0500, David Boles wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
> > David Boles wrote:
> > 
> > Ah! In terminal windows? Not in applications? It, both, work for me (I
> > hate those kind of statements ;-) )
> > 
> > GNOME? KDE? I can look if GNOME. KDE is not my place.
> > 
> > But now we have some place to look. Some *exact* tests/examples that I
> > can try to duplicate.
> > 
> >    Use the example that is above this starting with open two Terminal
> > windows. I was told my problem was a stuck key on my keyboard. But 2
> > keyboards act the same.
> I have tried just about everything that I can think of for this and it
> worksforme.
> Just to be sure here. By 'terminals' you mean the windows with the
> command prompt user at localhost (or something) with the blinking cursor.
> Correct?
> When I highlight text in one of them and I move the mouse cursor over
> the second one if I press the *middle* (the wheel) mouse button it
> pastes into the text second terminal. If I press the right mouse button
> I get a 'functions' menu.  "Open terminal". "Open tab". Things like that.
> This does not work for you?
> Hmmm...  first thing that I would look at would be your xorg.conf where
> you edited the mouse properties.
Assuming we-re talking gnome-terminal here there's the profile too,
that has the field "Select-by-word characters" which defines what
'words' are made of.

Chris Green

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