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Thu Nov 15 16:01:46 UTC 2007

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> R A Jon Hamelin wrote:
>> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>> R A Jon Hamelin wrote:
>>>> Frank Cox wrote:
>>>>> On Sun, 11 Nov 2007 11:34:57 -0800
>>>>> R A Jon Hamelin <jon_hamelin at> wrote:
>> 4) My original post was to inquire if the Developer spin was available 
>> via a straight download, not to discuss the pros and cons of torrents. 
>> I downloaded the F8 DVD as a regular download in 42 minutes. Why would 
>> I want some insecure software exposing me to who knows what risks for 
>> 12 or so hours? No Thank you.
> Sure, no need to share that free software with others if you don't have to.
>> So once again I will try to inquire if the spin is available as a 
>> straight download and if so, could I be pointed in the right 
>> direction. I presently use OpenSolaris Developer Edition and would be 
>> very interested in comparing it to the Fedora Developer Spin.

> Guess you'll have to buy it on media or subscribe to one of the "pay to 
> join" sites. And there's no requirement to serve bittorrent for 12 hours 
> after you download, I rate limit incoming to 4Mbit, but if you have a 
> fat pipe you can get it very quickly, I had 26 feeds last night for a 
> re-pull of the line-KDE CD, and about that for the FC8test3 and release 
> DVDs. Lots of feeds, I'm only getting about 350-400Kbit from a couple of 
> peers, so there must be lots of people serving.
Where did this come from?? Because I do not like to use torrent after 
being burned I am all of a sudden greedy!!! You do not know anything 
about me so how can you come to such a conclusion?

I accept used computers from companies and individuals, refurbish them, 
install Linux (Microsoft wants $5 to transfer license of existing 
software) and distribute them free of charge to school kids, 
handicapped, shut-ins and seniors, who would otherwise not be able to 
afford a computer. I also provide free support for same--37 computers at 
present. In addition I will download and burn a DVD or CD set of any 
free Linux version for anyone who does not have the facilities to do 
this themselves. This for no charge as well. I estimate I spend at least 
20 hrs a month on these activities.

So, before you unfairly criticize someone, as you have me, you should at 
least attempt to find out a little about them. Shame on you.


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