Reading CDs on a Dell PowerEdge 2500

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at
Thu Nov 15 16:20:25 UTC 2007

Does anyone else have a Dell PowerEdge 2500 and have you managed to get 
F8 running on it?

Since the last kernel update on F7 (2.6.23) I get corrupted data read 
from the CD drive on this server, and since the same kernel is used on 
the F8 install media I can't upgrade.  Using older (2.6.22) kernels 
makes the drive work again.

Has anyone found a work round for this.  I've tried pci=nomsi (no 
change) nohz=off (dies) nolapic (dies).  I've seen one other report of 
this problem so I'm reasonably sure it's not a hardware problem, but if 
other people have a 2500 which works I'd be interested to hear.

There's a bug report open for this if anyone has anything more they can add.



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