f8 updates missing dependency (gecko-libs)?

Raymond C. Rodgers rh at bbnk.dhs.org
Thu Nov 15 17:32:26 UTC 2007

Mike C wrote:
> Tomasz Torcz <tomek <at> crocom.com.pl> writes:
>> Dnia 15-11-2007, czw o godzinie 13:08 +0000, Mike C pisze:
>>> Anyone else seeing this today in F8 updates?
>>> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
>>> Error: Missing Dependency: gecko-libs = is needed by package yelp
>>  I'm seeing it on i386 system installed as FC8rc3 and upgraded till
>> today. Also saw it when "yum upgraded" F7 to F8 on x86_64.
> Did you have a workaround - 
> I tried "yum update --exclude gecko-libs --exclude yelp" but it did not help.
> I guess we will have to wait until the packaging error is fixed.
I've been seeing this problem on Fedora 8 x86-64 but I just got past it 
by removing firefox-devel via yum; I have no idea why firefox-devel was 
even installed, as I don't do any work on Firefox or plugins for it. 
Maybe that'll help you as well...
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