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Thu Nov 15 18:12:38 UTC 2007

bas wrote:
> I conisder buying an external usb harddisk. I searched for several hours
> the internet, websites of western and seagate, and vendors. No one seems
> to give a clear statement on what model/brand works on linux. So, either
> there are no compatibility problems or there are so many problems that
> no one knows.
> My (simple) question: can you buy without risk an extrnal usb harddrive
> from e.g. Seagate or Western ? Are there specific details to watch for ?
USB storage is fairly standard. If it will work with XP without
special drivers and/or work with the BIOS USB boot option, it will
work with Linux. I have used 3 different 3-1/2" enclosures, 2
different 2" enclosures, and 2 different IDE to USB interfaces that
do not provide an enclosure. They all worked without problems. I
have also use countless USB "pen" or memory drives, and USB card
readers. They all use the same USB storage module.

The USB storage interface is fairly standard. It has to be if you
are going to be able to boot from a USB device as a BIOS option.
This is probably why you do not see many questions about it. The
only questions/problems I can remember have to do with encrypted
drives, and drive partitions that do not get auto-mounted by HAL.
But these are not USB interface problems.


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