Broadcom 43xx wireless - here we are again (f8)

Klaus-Peter Schrage kpschrage at
Thu Nov 15 19:15:38 UTC 2007

On f7, I had my Broadcom 4318 wireless running in a stable manner using 
the 'old style' driver bcm43xx and wpa_supplicant (never got a working
connection using the 'new style' driver b43 or NetworkManager).
Now, in F8, we have b43 again and a new one, b43legacy, which, as I am
wildly speculating, seems to be a replacement for bcm43xx.
With b43 configured following
I still only get a very slow and unstable connection oscillating between
1 and 5.5 Mb/s, so I switched to b43legacy, adding
	alias wlan0 b43legacy
to /etc/modprobe.conf and blacklisting b43, having loaded the version 3 
firmware according to the above mentioned driver site.
At startup, b43legacy gets loaded together with some other modules that 
it depends on (rfkill, mac20111, input_polldev, ssb), but there isn't 
any trace in the dmesg output, nada.
What's wrong here? There have been proposed nice workarounds for f7 by 
J. Linville and others, so there might be hope ...
TIA Klaus

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