F8. How to disable pulseaudio

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Thu Nov 15 22:50:19 UTC 2007

Well I thought I'd got the sound sorted out. There are the usual problems like 
setting indexing options for snd-usb-audio, and snd-bt87x 
in /etc/modprobe.conf. Now pulseaudio has entered into the equation.

The sound was ok, but I've just been setting up mountpoints, and fstab entries 
for a fixed harddrive (fat 32 partitions), and upon rebooting, and logging in 
to KDE, I now get a window that I've often seen saying that the sound is 

I now try a music cd, and lo, and behold pulseaudio is claiming a permissions 

Now I try and remove all the pulseaudio stuff. I've got my my audio sorted 
without pulseaudio messing it up again, but trying to remove all the 
pulseaudio components with yumex results in a lot of other stuff being 
removed (supposed dependencies) . I'm having to write this freehand,as F8 is 
on the other machine. This is what removing pulseaudio, also wants to remove 
as deps.
kdemultidedia (thats a bad one)
kdemultimedia-libs  (another bad one)
libflashsupport  (probably bad also)
pavucontrol  (no idea what that is)

OK. I cant remove pulseaudio without screwing up other sound stuff. I 've seen 
a lot of posts about pulseaudio problems, but have trashed them as I didn't 
seem to have a problem with it. Now I find myself in the same manure cart.

What is the easiest way to disable it, as it appears to be problematic??

Gratefull as always to get rid of this unwanted crap. I take that back, as I 
suppose it's supposed to be doing something usefull, but isn't quite up to 
the mark yet.


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