F8 and Maple11 or 9.5

Mike C mike.cohler at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 23:42:11 UTC 2007

Gérard Milmeister <gemi <at> bluewin.ch> writes:

> > So the answer is nothing is seen at all!
> What about CLI-only "./maple"?

Hi Gerard

Yes the cli does work...

[mike at samsung1 bin]$ ./maple
    |\^/|     Maple 9.5 (IBM INTEL LINUX)
._|\|   |/|_. Copyright (c) Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. 2004
 \  MAPLE  /  All rights reserved. Maple is a trademark of
 <____ ____>  Waterloo Maple Inc.
      |       Type ? for help.

So does this point to which package might be needed?


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