Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Fri Nov 16 00:03:04 UTC 2007

zotkop wrote:
> Dear list,
> I just had a friend telling me, she wants to try Linux.
> We discussed it a lot, but now she felt ready.
> As she was explaining what the do's and dont's are @ her place,
> i felt like saying, "Fedora" after every sentence.
> As I didn't want to push her to much,
> (so she wouldn't regret it in a few years, and say the "We still can be 
> friends, but.." words)
> I didn't (that much).
> As this is her first time,
> I'd like to be the one guiding her on that dark, but pleasant trip.
> It was hard to say, but i had to admit, (i'm a honest guy)
> that there are a lot of different shapes and flavours out there.
> And that she, one day, would have the unresistable impulse to try some 
> other.
> I figured this out, (ok it's harsh i know)
> I'll let her try some other one's first,
> and at the end, I'll compare them to mine...
> so the chance that se will be "using" mine for a long time,
> is bigger.
> Am I right?
> Or should I let her use a lot of different distro's, and let her make up 
> her mind herself,
> and let me, myself and I stand at the side and wach powerless?
> ps: I already considdered talking to her parents, but they wouldn't 
> understand, i guess.
> (I'd like her to use Fedora VERRY much!!)
> someone an opinion on how to convince someone to use fedora?
"I tried lots of distributions and wound up using Fedora. If you like it 
that's the one I can support the best if you ever have a problem." At 
the moment there are only three distributions I would recommend to 
anyone, and I run Fedora more or less happily. As does my wife who hates 
computers but tolerates Linux because it's dead stable.

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