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Fri Nov 16 20:02:06 UTC 2007

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 10:48:22 -0500
Tony Nelson <tonynelson at georgeanelson.com> wrote:

> It's probably doing something weirder than that.  For both the keypad and
> the top row, the first digit is entered but also opens a number entry box
> which eats the rest of the digits.  I'll take a look for the problem, but
> no promises.

Thank you for your efforts.

It's not a really major issue, of course.  Just one of those "hmm, lost my
calcuator, shucks" kinds of things.  I like that calculator and use it (or used
to use it, I guess) to calculate the sales tax on my nightly concession

I'm using the other one that I posted earlier in this thread now.  SuperbCalc.
It's actually pretty cool as well, but it takes a bit of getting used to as
it's a RPN calculator and it works differently than the "real" tape calculator
that sits on my other desk which is not.  It's a very nice calculator program
too, and I recommend that anyone who needs a tape calculator take a look at
it.  It actually does quite a bit more than gtapecalc.

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