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Sat Nov 17 06:07:44 UTC 2007

Ulrich Drepper:
>> "Core Duo" doesn't mean dual processor and if it is a single processor,
>> dual core machine the result is as expected: the two cores share the
>> same highest-level cache (level 2 in this case).

Mike C:
> Now I am really confused - I have gkrellm running and it shows two cpus.
> You mean I have only a single processor and two cpus on the same chip - but
> irqbalance only applies if there are two separate cpu chips? Is there a web
> reference that I could refer to in order to understand this properly?

Have you said what your processor is?

e.g. Something like an "Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 CPU" is a two-core (dual)
processor on the same chip.  Be aware that there are permutations, and
mis-writes of the processor names on some websites.  In this case, the
"Intel Core 2" is like a version number (a new generation of processors,
like we've had PII, PIII, P4, etc), "Duo" is a range of Intel dual-core
processors (two processors on the same die), and the "T5200" model code
lets us find out exactly which CPU it is.

NB:  I haven't looked into whether the Duo range was only dual-core, or
had other numbers, as well (i.e. more or less), but it seems that way.
There's just too many different things to keep track of.  But if you
look up your exact CPU model, you can work out what you have.

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