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Timothy Murphy tim at
Sun Nov 18 12:58:02 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:

>>> Notice f8 has already got a new kernel and it was properly added to
>>> grub. This would not happen if the above was just added to the main
>>> grub.conf.
>> Why not?
>> I don't see anything special about your setup.
>> Most people just have one grub.conf and this seems to work fine.

>     It works fine if you are not getting upgraded kernel's. I prefer to
> use this method because it is open ended. I can add more systems easy.

I have much the same setup as you,
and I get upgraded kernels, like any other package.

I can imagine situations in which your system -
where you have one grub starting another grub on another disk -
would have advantages,
but for 99% of users the standard system, 
with one grub on the MBR of the first disk,
works perfectly well, no matter how many OS's you have.

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