No shutdown in F8/Gnome - changing display manager to kdm

Clodoaldo clodoaldo.pinto.neto at
Sun Nov 18 14:55:04 UTC 2007

2007/11/17, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette at>:
> Clodoaldo wrote:
> >>
> >> When you login, do you see the different login manager or is gdm still
> >> being used.
> >
> > gdm is still used.
> >
> > Clodoaldo
> >
> I checked my system and there is no file like you mentioned at
> /etc/sysconfig/display.

I mentioned that I created the /etc/sysconfig/desktop file as
suggested at the mentioned thread.

> After running yum remove gdm and allowing yum to
> remove all gdm dependent packages, kdm came up as the default display
> manager. If you use KDE mostly and want the shutdown, removing gdm might
> be the easiest option. I like gdm better and prefer gnome over KDE.
> Losing the shutdown feature when running a different
> desktop/displaymanager is a bit of an inconvenience. You could make a
> launcher on the desktop to run poweroff if you prefer gdm over kdm.

I built that machine for another person, which knows nothing about
computers, and I wanted it to run everything default. I have already
deployed the machine without the shutdown.

Actually the lack of the shutdown is not a big deal since one just
logout and hit the power button and the machine will safely power off
by itself, if Fedora is configured to do that.


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