Broadcom 43xx wireless - here we are again (f8)

Klaus-Peter Schrage kpschrage at
Sun Nov 18 16:14:21 UTC 2007

John W. Linville schrieb:

> Since the device is working at low speeds for you, you might experiment
> with limiting the maximum rate so as to avoid rate oscillations:
> 	iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M auto
> You could then experiment to see if you can bump the rate higher.

Thanks, John,
I really can get a rate of 36 or even 54 Mb/s now! It's on F8 that, for 
the first time now, I can get the b43 driver running  - on F<8 I always 
had to switch to bcm43xx.
The only problem left with networking is the recent wpa_supplicant bug 
which seems to have struck me too (not to mention NetworkManager ...). 
Even with the latest update (0.5.7-16) wpa_supplicant won't start at 
boot time. So, to connect to my wireless, I have to give the following 
sequence of commands (as root):
	ifconfig wlan0 up
	service wpa_supplicant start

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