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Sun Nov 18 16:51:28 UTC 2007

François Patte wrote:
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> Bonjour,
> There is, at least, one gnome-screensaver which can lead you to be
> lynched by people you did not know 15 minutes ago! Want to experience it?
> 1- Go into a library, where people are working hard, with your f8 computer.
> 2- Let your computer switch on while you are going to fill some papers
> in order to get some books.
> When you come back to your place, if you are lucky, your computer is
> displaying a nice firework with all sounds related to: craaaack!
> fssssssssiiiishhhh! and so on! And people around are staring at you with
> ideas of murder in their eyes.
> Just a few questions about this: why screensavers are the default in
> gnome, even if you had borrowed your home directory with all config
> files from a previous install and had requested (in this previous
> install) no screensavers. Why locking the screen is the default, so
> people cannot even move your mouse to stop the noise? Why, there is no
> way now to choose the screensavers you don't want to be run? Why....
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  It makes life more interesting... Honestly though; over here 
(Wisconsin), I wouldn't leave my laptop alone (in public place), even to 
use the bathroom. Seen too many stories of business laptops being stolen 
(usually with employee info to boot).

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