Getting it right

Jonathan Underwood jonathan.underwood at
Sun Nov 18 20:03:23 UTC 2007

On 18/11/2007, Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   for the love of god, karl, could you please at least invest the
> > effort to come up with some meaningful subject lines other than "my
> > computer" or "getting it right" or "here's something else that will
> > interest absolutely no one but me."
> >
> >   do you think you can do that?
>     Since I think no-one has ever got help from you, I really will not
> make an effort to help you.

Karl, Robert has a very valid point. Most people search the mailing
list archives before reporting a problem and asking for help. The
reason they do this is to not cover old ground, and it is considered
to be the polite thing to do. However, if everyone used subjects which
had nothing to do with the topic under discussion, it would not be
useful to search the archives, and a very important facet of a mailing
list will have been lost. Please consider Robert's suggestion.

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