mysterious files on a fedora system but not from rpm

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Mon Nov 19 02:28:49 UTC 2007

At 3:55 PM -1000 11/18/07, Dave Burns wrote:
>> One crude approach: remove all the .pyc files.
>If I understood correctly, I could remove the .pyc files that belong
>to firstboot and nothing would break. In the unlikely event that I
>needed to run firstboot again, the .pyc files would be generated again
>automatically. Is that correct?

Yes, if you run firstboot as root.  No otherwise, as normal users can't
write there.  That's why the .pyc and .pyo files are usually owned by the
package, even though Python can recreate them.  Most users don't have
permission to write where they would go.

Note that the file you cite next to the .py symlink is not used anymore and
would not be recreated.  It's just cruft from a previous version of Fedora
that you upgraded away from, and may represent a packaging error.
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