How To Create A Custom Fedora-7-Live-i386 CD?

Ciba LO cibalo at
Mon Nov 19 02:58:03 UTC 2007

Hello, list users,

The current Fedora-7-Live-i386 CD comes with no firmwares included
in /lib/firmware for some kernel wifi drivers, e.g. rt73usb and bcm43xx.
That will make no wifi connection for NetworkManager.  It would be nice
to add these firmwares or needed modules in the existing
Fedora-7-Live-i386 iso image.

How to modify the existing Fedora-7-Live-i386 iso image to build such a
custom live cd that can run on any Linux-compatible pc without any
installation?  Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Ciba LO <cibalo at>

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