F8 kickstart fails from DVD iso

peteATcosc no-reply-gw at fcp.surfsite.org
Mon Nov 19 07:07:30 UTC 2007

New to this portal...

I have an nfs kickstart installation for fc4,5,6,7 and am now setting up f8. I have taken the DVD iso from fedora.org
unpacked it into an install tree.
My ks file has almost everything but defaults commented 
out (for the first test install). No pre/post install.
I install everything from fedora.(always have)...

#Package install information

This finds the kickstart, formats the disks, but fails at install time, just after the dependencies are worked out.
fedora-logos has files that conflict
with generic-logos rpm (same revision numbers) and the installation is aborted.

Why is this happening? The DVD(burnt from the iso) appears to
be installing fine.(but that install required clicking
the boxes for which packages to install (I clicked all of them) rather than specifying '*' 
Any ideas on what to do to fix it?


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