yum problem after bad shutdown

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Mon Nov 19 11:52:18 UTC 2007

Stefano Cavallari wrote:

>> I'm only using the standard Fedora-7 updates repo.
>> I think I once enabled the kde.repo briefly,
>> which could conceivably be the cause of my problems
> Sorry for answering so late.
> If you still haven't solved the problem, try this:
> rpm -qa "--queryformat=%{NAME}\;%{VENDOR}\n" | grep kde |  egrep -v
> "Fedora Project|Red Hat, Inc"
> to find what kde packages are not from Fedora.

This doesn't find any non-Fedora packages:

[tim at elizabeth ~]$ sudo rpm -qa "--queryformat=%{NAME}\;%{VENDOR}\n" | grep
  kde |  egrep -v "Fedora Project|Red Hat, Inc"
[tim at elizabeth ~]$

> Then I think the only thing to do is to remove them with
> rpm -e --nodeps
> and install them again with yum.
> Perhaps before actually remove things ask here :)

I'm slightly reluctant to remove kdebase,
which seems to be the source of the problem.

Since everything appears to be working perfectly well
the problem seems to me to lie in the yum database.
Is it possible to delete this and rebuild it?
I did run "sudo yum clean all" and "sudo yum makecache"
but this did not seem to affect matters.

I should say that this is not a serious problem for me.
I just thought I'd like to find out what causes it
before going over to Fedora-8 on this machine.
I can update everything except KDE stuff
with "sudo yum --exclude=kde* update".

I find yum very good.
If it has a fault it is that it is rather difficult
to find out what to do if there is a problem,
and to find out what exactly causes the problem.

Of course this is a problem with much if not most software -
developers rarely put enough thought into what the user should do
if their program does not function as they (the developers)
believe it will.

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