Filesystems Not Mounting

Gene Poole gene.poole at
Mon Nov 19 15:38:44 UTC 2007

I'm using a 'Custom' filesystem configuration with LVM. I've broken my hard
disk(s) down into multiple Volume Groups (VG) which is in turn broken down
into Logical Volumes (LV).  On Fedora 7 it appears any file system not
directly having a system related mount point (i.e /; /usr; /var etc.) does
not mount at boot time.  And in some cases the mount point, although
defined at install time, hasn't been created (i.e. /usr/oracle).  In the
case of Oracle, it drives the system crazy at boot time trying to start

Has anyone run into this problem?  Are there any solutions?

Gene Poole
gene.poole at

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