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Mon Nov 19 17:08:28 UTC 2007

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Sudheer Satyanarayana wrote:
>> Sudheer Satyanarayana wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I installed Fedora 8 today. I downloaded and installed Thunderbird from
>>> Package Manager. The RSS and Blogs reading feature in Thunderbird seems
>>> to be missing. When I click File>New>Account in Thunderbird, I see only
>>> Email account, Gmail and Newsgroup account. IIRC, RSS and Blog was also
>>> there when was I using Thunderbird on F7.
>>> What am I missing something? How can I read RSS and Blogs in
>>> Thunderbird?
>> Thats strange, I have the RSS & Blogs option available on my F8
>> Thunderbird install. Do you see any errors in the logs / terminal?
> I did not see any errors when I started Thunderbird from the terminal. I
> have uploaded the screenshot at
> http://sudheer.net/files/tb-screenshot.png
> Any ideas?

Just a wild guess:

1. Try starting Thunderbird with all addons disabled:
	thunderbird -safe-mode
2. Try with a fresh profiles directory
3. Last resort, try reinstalling the thunderbird rpm.

The install getting messed up is rare. But there is a possibility that
an addon is messing up things. This can be easily verified by disabling
all the addons. But if an addon has modified the base files, then trying
out a new profile should rule it out.


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