Mysterious eth* inferfaces

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Mon Nov 19 18:48:31 UTC 2007

Frank Cox wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 09:30:58 -0500
> Michael Wiktowy <michael.wiktowy at> wrote:
>> Anyone else seeing this oddity that has an ASUS A7N8X mobo
>> with integrated NICs?
> I have recently heard of (but have never actually seen) motherboards that allow
> you to set the mac address of the nic(s) to whatever you choose.  Seems like a
> rather poor idea, but...
> Do you have one of those?  Is the bios setting for that set to something
> equivalent to "random"?  If so, you could probably set a fixed mac address
> there and solve the problem.
You would be surprised at how many NICs, including the ones on the
motherboard, will allow you to change the MAC address. Most require
a utility program if you want to make a permanent change.
(re-writing the EEPROM.) Most of the NIC drivers, both Windows and
Linux, will let you make a temporary change. The main reason is to
let you replace a NIC in a machine that is identified by the MAC
address. (DHCP, router rules, etc.) It can also be used if you end
up with two NICs with the same MAC address. (This should not happen,
but sometimes does.) It also has other uses.


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