Fedora Core testing

Mohammed Omar omar at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Nov 20 13:44:44 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I do Fedora Core testing as a part of Community Distro test at IBM .
Basic idea is to find bugs at early stages of Distro release on  X and P
series hardware. Initially I started fedora testing on Power box and
later will test on Xseries.I would like to share the releases of FC8
tested,Hardware used, test suites executed and no. of bugs found.

Covered Releases:

Releases: Date: status:
FC8test1 07 Aug 2007 finished
FC8test2 13 Sept 2007 finished
FC8test3 04 Oct 2007 finished
FC8GA 08 Nov 2007      currently testing

Test suites used for testing above releases 

Installation/Upgradation testing
NFS/HTTP/FTP/local installations.
Smoke testing includes LTP
Stress testing
Core kernel and regression testing 
Memory stress
FS stress testing etc,.

Hardware Used for fedora core testing:
PPC64 : P520, P55 , JS21 , P630b 
i386:  X445       [ Used for network tests ]
X86_64:  X3400    [ Used for network tests ]

Total no. of Bugs Found: 11 ,  closed: 3
Listing some of the bugs here...


Most of the bugs closed internally. Basically I do concentrate on system
testing to find more bugs in kernel.

New Features tested: 
EXT4 fs tested with fs stress, NFS ,SAMBA.
I am also looking to test Kdump on Fedora.

I would like to invite Fedora users and testers to join in testing
fedora effectively.

Omar M,

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