Can Java just shoot me?

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Wed Nov 21 02:52:20 UTC 2007

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Tom Horsley wrote:
> So, I have to access a web page that only works if I have
> Sun's java plugin (yes, I've tried icedtea).
> I've looked at all the instructions
> I could find for getting java on Fedora, and they all
> start with some simple little tossed off phrase like
> "Get the rpm from".
> Has anyone ever visited Its a freaking
> nightmare! I thought Microsoft's jargon was dense, but
> Sun seems to be suffering from jargon envy and trying
> as best they can to catch up.
> The only two acronyms I've heard that maybe I need are
> either JRE or JDK. But on Sun's download site, I'm offered
> a maze of Java EE, Java ME, Java SE, with a equally
> uninformative gibberish under each of those categories.
> No jre or jdk to be found anywhere in the top couple of
> layers of the web site.
> Are there any Java instructions out there which actually
> provide a map for navigating Sun's web site to find "the"
> rpm to download? (A walk-through for the install Java
> game :-).

Duh? This took about 10 seconds.

Start here. Follow the prompts. Either one goes to the same page.;jsessionid=60B8217CD6937C7D378EAE0D0B30D57A

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