Can Java just shoot me?

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Wed Nov 21 21:45:54 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 21 November 2007 21:28, Antti J. Huhtala wrote:
> ke, 2007-11-21 kello 11:28:23 -0500, Tom Horsley kirjoitti:
> > On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:24:03 -0600
> >
> > Frank Cox <theatre at> wrote:
> > > > Better put into /usr/lib/firefox-2.0.0.x/plugins
> > > > That way it is available to all users.
> > >
> > > Wouldn't it disappear the next time you update Firefox to 2.0.0.x+1?
> > >
> > > I've never tried that, actually.
> >
> > Yep, you have to keep updating the link with firefox.
> >
> > On the other hand you can make links in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
> > and firefox will find them there as well for all users, and they will
> > hang around between firefox versions (which is a good thing
> > as long as they aren't version dependent).
> Yes, a symlink in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins will work no matter which
> version of Firefox is currently used.
> Referring to Tom's original post, I find it difficult to understand the
> sneering remarks some writers have chosen to contribute to this thread.
> While installing Sun's Java Runtime Environment is not very difficult,
> it is not entirely trivial, either.
> Finding a JRE rpm package or binary self-extracting file to download is
> *not* the problem (though a relative newbie can't be sure which of the
> many on offer to choose). It's what you do _after_ downloading it to
> install _and_ link it properly.
> There are so many variables (Fedora version, i386/x86_64, browser etc)
> to consider that it is understandable everybody and his cousin have not
> succeeded in making JRE work in their systems. Sun's home pages _are_
> somewhat difficult to navigate if you aren't sure which package/file you
> need to install Firefox Java plugin, for example.
> Even if you manage to somehow find your way to and
> locate the "big green button", your troubles are far from over. You may
> successfully d/l and install the package/file but if you didn't observe
> the fact earlier, there's _no_ reference either to Fedora or Firefox!
> When you get to 'Enable and Configure' section in 'Instructions', your
> options are "Mozilla 1.4 and later" or "Mozilla 1.2, Netscape 6 and
> later". How do you know which one to choose -- if either? (If you've got
> Fedora 7 and Firefox 32-bit browser, the former is just fine.)
> In trying to get your Firefox Java plugin to work, you may be directed
> to . Though the advice on
> that page is not wrong, it's much too brief to be of any real help to
> the uninitiated.
> For a long time I didn't have JRE working (for no lack of trying) until
> I followed the directions in
> while using FC6. Today I spent a good hour to install and enable the
> latest Java plugin (jre1.6.0_03) in F7 and Firefox according to
> Why it took a good hour is because the above page is a bit vague about
> 'simply deleting /opt/jre1.6 directory' and creating a symlink to the
> appropriate /opt/jre1.6.0_03/plugin/i386/ns7/ file
> in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.
> Regards
> Antti

I can understand your problem getting Sun's Java installed, and working. Some 
time ago on FC2 I installed it, and had to get a lot of help from the list to 
get it up and running. Seeing the Java thread today, I've downloaded the 
latest JRE from Sun, and hope to update my FC2, and also install it on F7, 
which might give Karl some help.

Incidentally, on F8, on which Java is named Icetea, the java applets test 
programs appear to work ok. Both the links below work. That is on i386, not 


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