How to open a db file -- was: Need to know

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On Wednesday 21 November 2007, Scott Berry wrote:
>I don't appreciate the way you treated my Dad.  This was uncalled for.  He
>is 75 years old and learning computers.  Come on can't you be a little more
Scott, FWIW, I'm 73 years old.  But I've been in electronics and computers for 
a living since 1951, so I usually know where the ropes are.  Frank was a bit 
brusk maybe, but 100% correct.

Bear in mind also this is an all volunteer list, and the polite thing to do 
when you reply is to say thank you.  Something that I in fact forget all too 
often, and I try to blame it on CRS, but that is a very poor excuse and I 
know it.  My apologies to the list for those lapses in decorum.  Oh, and I'm 
not the oldest 'senior citizen' here, not by about a decade IIRC.
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>> On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 15:15:37 -0600
>> Art Giles <ag at> wrote:
>> Please try to come up with more descriptive subject lines than "need to
>> know".
>> Subject lines are intended to serve a useful purpose and are not just
>> "dead
>> space" that you should fill in with anything at all that's not related to
>> your
>> actual subject or question.
>> Having said that:
>>> Hi how do you open a db file
>> That depends entirely on what created your "db file".  A moment of Google
>> search tells me that it could be a file created by Filemaker Pro or
>> Microsoft
>> Access.  If it's "thumbs.db" then that's a file of thumbnail graphics used
>> by
>> Windows Explorer.
>> It could also be an Ansys database, an Arcview Object Database file,
>> or something created by Synopsys Design Compiler, dbVista, Paradox,
>> Smartware,
>> XTreeGold.
>> There are about 17 other programs that apparently create a "db file", plus
>> ghawd-knows how many others that aren't on the list that I'm looking at.
>> So.... What created it?
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