how do you force anaconda to use vesa?

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Thu Nov 22 15:20:59 UTC 2007

Jack Howarth wrote:
>    Just to clarify, I tried adding 'xdriver=vesa' to the 
> default kernel parameters that appear when you hit the
> tab key at the installer. I didn't use 'linux xdriver=vesa'
> as a replacement for the orignal kernel options presented
> as defaults for the installer. Do you think that makes
> a difference? I didn't think 'linux xdriver=vesa' would
> boot the installer.
>         Jack

 From what I have tried in the past, adding linux before the options was 
needed. I believe the kernel ignores any option that it does not 
recognize. I am not sure if anaconda ignores options it has no way to 
determine or if it errors out.
I don't know if newer versions of anaconda add references to the kernel 
and only options are needed or if the linux info is still required.


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