PUP - Insert CD?

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Thu Nov 22 18:18:15 UTC 2007

Jim Cornette wrote:
> Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> Sam Varshavchik wrote:
>> Yes I did and no I did not turn it off, should I?  I assumed it was 
>> telling me I needed to add something and would get in deeper by 
>> simply unselecting what it was telling me it thought I needed.
>> I can experiment further but it appeared to be something that needed 
>> fixing.
>> I've done PUP updates many times on this F7 computer without a hitch, 
>> it usually just works.  I was surprise to see the error message which 
>> I interpreted to mean something was/is wrong.
>> Bob Goodwin
> If you do not want to install off of the DVD for packages and find the 
> prompt to enter the DVD distracting, yes.
> I believe the idea was to allow package installation from disc rather 
> than downloading unchanged packages from the Internet.
> Jim

So, once you know what the error message means it seems obvious, but it 
wasn't obvious to me!

Actually in my case that would be desirable since I would prefer to 
install from the disk than run up usage on my limited Wildblue satellite 
service.  However I think of PUP as an update application and updates 
don't come via CD/DVD.  It would work if I left something off the 
original install that is on the disk ...

Thanks to all.

Bob Goodwin

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