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Thu Nov 22 20:31:56 UTC 2007

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Robin Laing wrote:
> Bryn M. Reeves wrote:
> I followed the link and I was intrigued by the one comment.
> We are working on this problem, but due to relying on some proprietary
> 3rd party software we are a bit stuck atm, but we will update the
> plugins with a fix for this as soon as possible,
> Isn't this the issue that keeps coming up?  Closed source issues causing
> headaches.  Now if I remember correctly, anything closed source was not
> being supported by Fedora if you submitted a bug report.  Example,
> Nvidia drivers.
> But into the Codina issue.  I want codecs for the applications that I
> use and those are VLC and mplayer/mencoder.  So Codecs that are for any
> and all applications on my system that I want to install.

This subject has been discussed to death I would think.

Fedora has said that they are not, can not, and why, provide these codecs.

You *really, really need* these codecs? Then make the effort to find
them. Then steal them. Then make the effort to install them.

The only way that you are going to get someone to *hand* them to you,
legally, is if you hand them *money* first. That is called paying a
license to use. Or? You steal them. That is called stealing.

You buy? You're legal. You steal? You're a thief. Seems like a simple
enough concept to me.

I really get tired of seeing this same thing hashed over and over.
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