How to Migrate to a new PC

John Summerfield debian at
Thu Nov 22 22:54:28 UTC 2007

Robin Laing wrote:
> Gerry Doris wrote:
>> I have a working FC6 system that is running on an old tired PC.  The 
>> FC6 install has several non Fedora applications running on it and the 
>> standard applications have the normal modifications.  I now want to 
>> move to a new faster PC.
>> I loaded FC8 on the new PC and it worked without a problem so I know 
>> the new PC works with FC8.  I've configured the new PC hard drive with 
>> the same partitions as my FC6 PC.  However, the drives are much bigger 
>> on the new PC and are named differently.  For example, the old box has 
>> an hda and hdd but no hdb or hdc for some reason?
>> I really don't want to do a fresh install, load and then configure the 
>> applications from scratch.  Ideally, I'd like to copy the FC6 system 
>> to the new PC and then upgrade it to FC8.  I know it won't be clean 
>> but I've upgraded in the past and understand the process.  I'd also 
>> rather do the upgrade to FC8 on the new PC for a number of reasons.
>> What is the best way to do this?  Can I copy over the contents of the 
>> partitions and then try and modify the key files so it will boot?  I'd 
>> have to change grub.conf and fstab but what else would need to be 
>> modified.  If I can get the system to boot I'm confident I can make 
>> the other necessary changes .
> Others have given some good advice.  I asked the question about 
> upgrading to F8 from FC6 last week and received some PM's that, in 
> simple terms said don't attempt an upgrade to F8.

OTOH I have a Fedora Core Five laptop or two that I'm very likely to 
upgrade by booting the install image and having at it. It is supposed to 

Pros include
  Most software will upgrade cleanly
  Where software updates cleanly, configurations tend to be preserved
  User data is preserved
Cons include
  Some software is orphaned. It will remain installed tho unsupported.
  some software that upgrades may not be configured appropriately any more.
  User data has to be backed up and restored.

The cons need to be addresses for a clean install too. Which is more 
odious depends on the particular circumstances.
> There are changes to the way things work and you could spend days or 
> more cleaning things up.
> I really liked John's comments and little script to install all the 
> packages from a previous install.  This goes into my handy file list for 
> future reference.

Well, I did have some particular difficulties:-)
> Until the Java issue is worked out, I cannot move to F8.  I run a 
> program that needs the Sun Java.



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