F8 and Staroffice8

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri Nov 23 12:04:28 UTC 2007

OK, this is going to be my last contribution to this thread since I 
think both our positions are pretty clear and aren't likely to intersect 
any time soon :)

I suppose there are a couple of things which could usefully come out of 

1) Is there an official source of information for people trying to run 
out of distribution apps on Fedora?  Since work rounds are often 
necessary for many of these packages having an organised place to put 
this would be good.  I don't know if the fedoraproject wiki would be 
able/willing to host this sort of information, but that would probably 
be the best place.

2) Java support on linux is going to suffer an upheaval in the next few 
months as the influence of the open java initiative starts to be felt. 
I have a vested interest in this too as I distribute a few big open 
source java applications and although they mostly work OK with IcedTea 
there are glitches which still occur.  Personally I'm quite excited 
about java's future on linux and suspect that the use of the language 
will become more widespread as people begin to be able to assume the 
presence of an installed JRE.

3) There *are* work rounds for people who need to use old JREs on the 
latest fedora, but they're not pretty.  The sed patch seems to be the 
best one to use if you can easily access the JRE you need to modify and 
find all of the affected files.  I'd be wary of recommending the 
downgrade to F7 X libs.  This might work now, but by locking yourself 
into an old set of X libs you might start to find that their 
dependencies will start to prevent the updating of other parts of the 
system (X is pretty central to a lot of stuff).  Just out of interest, 
can you install the F7 X without having to do a -nodeps in rpm, and does 
installing the F7 libraries not break the native java in F8?

OK, back to the day job.



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