Fedora 8: Where is the rescuecd.iso ??

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Fri Nov 23 14:15:15 UTC 2007

William Case wrote:

> A dumb question, I know.  But ...
> I have always installed Fedora using the askmethod from my harddisk.
> I have always started the installation boot with a rescuecd. (I don't
> need a live disk, but having a rescue disk around is always reassuring.)

A rather ignorant question, I am sure,
but what exactly is the point of the Rescue CD?

I tried the F-7 Rescue CD sometime ago,
and I was told to insert the DVD ISO,
which was not possible as there was no DVD reader on that machine.

But if there had been, could I not have inserted this,
and used it to "rescue" the system?

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