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>I made a monitor from my machine (CentOS 4.5) to do an http to a machine
>retrieve some info to see if a process is running (on this remote 
>machine I have
>a task running so it is easy to get the info from my machine).
>If I cannot access the remote machine, my machine sends mail to me 
>and a couple
>other people saying the machine is unreachable.  My cronjob runs 
>every 5 minutes.
>Juts occured to me now though that if our network goes down, my 
>machine will be
>sending mail every 5 minutes saying the machine is 
>unreachable.  These messages
>will get stored on my machine and all get sent when it comes up.
>I am wondering whether someone knows how to cancel mail that is 
>queued on a machine, so it
>doesn't all get sent out.  I do have root access.

Webmin is the easiest option for sure...

If you are running sendmail, look at a tool called qtool in the 
contrib subdirectory of the Sendmail source code distribution.



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