F8 is an excellent release!

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Fri Nov 23 17:33:47 UTC 2007

---- Karl Larsen <k5di at zianet.com> wrote: 
> Mike C wrote:
> > Generally in this list the postings relate to queries concerning problems and
> > failings with Fedora, and how-to suggestions and workarounds for specific issues.
> >
> > I have now installed F8 on six different machines and all are running very well
> > indeed and are better by far than F7 was.
> >
> > We tend to forget that being right at the bleeding edge means we may have
> > problems but overall the new F8 is a big step forward over F7 in relation
> > to several areas. 
> >
> > 1) Wireless support is fantastic compared to F7 with the new in-kernel drivers
> > for iwl3945 (and 4965), as well as the old ipw2200, and removing the need to
> > compile and install proprietary drivers. Work is still being undertaken on 
> > ath5k and rt2x00 but the latter is now working well for me with a usb adapter
> > that uses rt73usb.
> >
> > 2) Suspend seems to be much better than previously - I have one laptop that 
> > did not suspend and restart cleanly with F7, and it does with F8.
> >
> > I am sure that others could name more parts of the system that work well, or 
> > have been greatly improved.
> >
> > When I installed F8 I had an issue with the install hanging, but there is 
> > a known easy workaround. I also had a mess with pulse-audio but again a simple
> > "yum remove" option was brought to this list and gives me a nice sound system
> > without pulse-audio.
> >
> > It is a shame that these issues did hit a lot of people but once the workarounds
> > have been done and the system installed and updated we do have a really nice
> > distribution, and with so much new stuff in the recent kernels, as well as the
> > supported applications, it is great to know that it is slick, secure and works
> > well.  Sure you do have to know how to fix the few remaining problems but it is
> > well worth requesting info through the experts on this list and then running the
> > best linux distro available. After all Linus himself I believe uses Fedora!
> >
> > Perhaps other could add their praise to the Fedora developers as much of the
> > time we tend to see brickbats rather than accolades!
> >
> > My two-pennyworth...
> >
> >   
>     Well this list is where we complain when Fedora somehow screws up. 
> So it is nice to see a good Subject for a good version. Yes my 
> experience with F8 has been about the same. After I got the sound right 
> that now works fine and yesterday I set up printing which I forgot to do 
> first, but it set up even easier than F7.
>     So it appears F8 has the good parts of the much updated F7 and some 
> added fixes and additions. I like it!
Unfortunately, I have had the opposite experience. I have been using Redhat distributions since RedHat 4.0 and never had musch of a problem. With F8 that hasn't been the case. 

First of all, I had installation problems. The installation would hang after loading initrd.img. It turns out that was a known bug that has been around since when F7 was released and the solution is simply to hold down the SHIFT key while booting which gets you to a CLI prompt from where you can type linux and then installation proceeds normally. (Thanks to Knute, IIRC, for that)

The next problem is a display resoltion problem wherein the GDM login screen is only about 3/4 ofthe screen size and when I log in the top menu bar and the bottom task bar   follow the top and bottom of the GDM scrren but the background covers the whole screen. I found that I could move the bottom task bar and it jumped to the bottom of the screen and expanded to fill the full width but no such luck with the menu bar. I am still working on this problem. See my "Screen resilution problems in F8" thead from 2 days ago)

A third problem is that sound doesn't work. I've never had a problem with this before. When udev starts there is a slight pop in the speakers and when I go to System->Administration->Sound Card Detection and use the "play sound" button I get a very quiet muffled sound (kind of like a record being played backwards, Strawberry Fields thing) even though the volume is on max.

On the positive side, I haven't had the problems with Java or Iced Tea that others have had. I use Java for financial charting (eg. http://www.prophet.net/analyze/javacharts.jsp)

So long as people keep reporting their experiences and problems (hopfully without the "this software is a POS and everyone owes me an immediate answer!" attitude) and people keep providing answers and solutions (hopfully without the "If you had half a brain, you could figure this out for yorself!" attitude) then Fedora will continue to improve.


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