F8 is an excellent release!

Arch Willingham arch at tuparks.com
Fri Nov 23 18:06:50 UTC 2007

I have installed it on eight machines. I had one machine do the lockup at the 26% point of the install but all other installs went well (four were upgraded on-line at jobsites 30 miles from here). It seems faster that FC7 (noting scientific). 

Great release!


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Generally in this list the postings relate to queries concerning problems and
failings with Fedora, and how-to suggestions and workarounds for specific issues.

I have now installed F8 on six different machines and all are running very well
indeed and are better by far than F7 was.

We tend to forget that being right at the bleeding edge means we may have
problems but overall the new F8 is a big step forward over F7 in relation
to several areas. 

1) Wireless support is fantastic compared to F7 with the new in-kernel drivers
for iwl3945 (and 4965), as well as the old ipw2200, and removing the need to
compile and install proprietary drivers. Work is still being undertaken on 
ath5k and rt2x00 but the latter is now working well for me with a usb adapter
that uses rt73usb.

2) Suspend seems to be much better than previously - I have one laptop that 
did not suspend and restart cleanly with F7, and it does with F8.

I am sure that others could name more parts of the system that work well, or 
have been greatly improved.

When I installed F8 I had an issue with the install hanging, but there is 
a known easy workaround. I also had a mess with pulse-audio but again a simple
"yum remove" option was brought to this list and gives me a nice sound system
without pulse-audio.

It is a shame that these issues did hit a lot of people but once the workarounds
have been done and the system installed and updated we do have a really nice
distribution, and with so much new stuff in the recent kernels, as well as the
supported applications, it is great to know that it is slick, secure and works
well.  Sure you do have to know how to fix the few remaining problems but it is
well worth requesting info through the experts on this list and then running the
best linux distro available. After all Linus himself I believe uses Fedora!

Perhaps other could add their praise to the Fedora developers as much of the
time we tend to see brickbats rather than accolades!

My two-pennyworth...

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