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Sat Nov 24 15:34:51 UTC 2007

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Not really relevant to your query,
> but are you sure you need karl in the uucp group?
> I use uucp (I thought I was the only person left in the world using it)
> and I am not in the uucp group, which only contains the user uucp.
> Admittedly I use "port type tcp" but I wouldn't have thought
> that was relevant.
The default group for the serial ports is uucp. One way to give a
user access to the serial ports is to make them a member of the uucp
group. Another way is to add a console.perms rule that gives access
to the serial port to the person logged into the console. There are
advantages and disadvantages to both methods. With console.perms,
you can limit the ports affected, but it is harder to limit the
users that have access. You are also limited to accessing from the
local console, and it can not be used from a user cron job. Adding a
user to the uucp group gives access to all serial ports, but only to
the users you add. You also can access the port when logging into
the machine remotely.


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