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Sat Nov 24 18:14:40 UTC 2007

On Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 05:11:17PM +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> >> But do you need to use a serial port for uucp
> >> if you are not using a serial modem,
> >> which I take it very few people on this list would be doing?
> >> 
> >> Do people normally use serial ports today?
> >> 
> >> Even if you are using a serial modem,
> >> I'm not entirely clear why you need to have access to ttyS?
> >> In my case, at least, uucp runs as a cron job
> >> and conveys my email to /var/spool/mail/<whoever>.
> >> 
> > The thing I think you are missing is this has nothing to do with
> > uucp the program. It is just that the default group ownership of
> > serial ports is uucp.
> I see I misunderstood Karl's question. (I often do.)
> I understood that he wanted to use ttyS0 _for_ uucp.
> Admittedly this seems unlikely, but on the other hand
> I find it reasonably plausible that Karl and I
> are the last two people in the world using uucp.

Several years ago I had reason (now forgotten) to join the Taylor UUCP
mailing list. I still get a few mailings on it every few months from
someone who is still using it. There was a series, not very many years
back, from someone using it for ship-to-shore data transfer for large
boluses of data.

I used it myself up until around four years ago for mail and news
transfer via PPP on 56k dialup.

While serial stuff is a pain in the rear, UUCP is nevertheless a great
tool: you submit your job and it "just goes", once properly configured
(and assuming bit-rot doesn't occur).

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