Fedora 8, mplayer, radeon 9250, and "fullscreen" mode

Jeff Krebs jkrebs at tconl.com
Sat Nov 24 20:15:37 UTC 2007

* Alexandru Ciobanu (alex at tvtransilvania.ro) wrote:
> Jeff Krebs wrote:
>> I am experiencing a problem with mplayer (from FreshRPMs): when in 
>> fullscreen mode, it only displays around 3/4rs to 7/8ths the size of the 
>> actual full screen.  The black borders or video image don't extend fully 
>> to the right or bottom; the display is shoved in the upper left corner at 
>> 0,0.  
> Try adding "zoom=yes" to your ~/.mplayer/config file. This did the trick 
> for me.
> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML-single/en/MPlayer.html#id2537204
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No, didn't seem to work.

This is so odd... I can "Double size" the video window, and it's 
actually larger than the "Fullscreen".

Could this be a fbdev issue (Frame buffer)?

Jeff Krebs

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