"apt" to eventaully replace "rpm"?

Zhukov Pavel gelios at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 23:03:04 UTC 2007

On 11/25/07, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> wrote:
>   a book i'm reading contains the sentence:
> "It remains to be seen whether Apt will become the preferred tool for
> package management for RPM users."
>   i was unaware that that was even a possibility.  is it?
> rday
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this men really doesn't know yum/rpm.

1) yum can be compared with apt
2) rpm can be compared with dpkg

rpm use different dependency resolution system than dpkg. it's slower
but much secure.
yum should resolve much more dependecies than apt.

yum doesn't really _slower_ than apt. man yum about -C key.
yum has very powerful keys that discard prospective apt speed advantage.

apt isn't easier than yum. really. many people already know apt, and
they don't want to undrestand yum logic, then they say that 'apt

if you use fedora - learn fedoras power. don't try to think that if
you know *buntu/debian you know fedora.

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