Touchpad for Idiots?

John Summerfield debian at
Mon Nov 26 01:27:56 UTC 2007

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> On 11/24/2007 06:49:50 PM, John Summerfield wrote:
>> Geoffrey Leach wrote:
>>> I've recently discovered all of the wonderful configuration options 
>>> that exist for my laptop's Synaptics touchpad. However, for the 
>> most
>>> part the description of the configuration options found in the man
>> page 
>>> make no sense to me.
>> What do you want to change? I have one, it scrolls and clicks ootb.
>> What 
>> else should it do? Apart from move the mouse pointer?
> For example, what is "EdgeMotion"? I wanted to avoid asking for 
> particulars, because there's always another question. Judging from the 
> lack of response, the document that I'm looking for does not exist :-
> (The (exhaustive) list of options is in synaptics(5). 

When I move my finger around in and from the "middle" of the touchpad, 
the mouse cursor moves.

When I move my finger on the (user's) right side, the window scrolls. 
EdgeMotion would be tuning that behaviour.

I can also tap, for mouse-clicks.

I don't know what else works on mine, I need to read the man page at the 

I have a high-end ThinkPad R40 (as evidenced by its fittings), and also 
has a three-button+joystick "ultranav" device.



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