Installing DVD iso

Jeff Krebs jkrebs at
Mon Nov 26 02:21:19 UTC 2007

I never burn the DVD image.

Rather, I only burn the rescue image.

Copy the DVD image to a partition that you won't need for installing, 
boot off the recue CD, tell the installer you want to install from a 
hard drive, and point the installer to the proper partition/folder.

You could even do this same type of install using an old clunker hard 
drive.  An old 4 gigger is perfect for the occasion.

Jeff Krebs

* Indra Dharmajaya (indra at wrote:
> Dear all,
> Sorry for this dumb question. Since Fedora using DVD format, I can't install
> Fedora anymore.
> After I downloaded it and burn it to DVD  format, I check by showing the
> content of it. I can see all the component and the DVD can boot up. (Fedora
> 7)
> It always stop during the phase of "where the source will be read". I choose
> Local CDrom which actually an Asus DVD ROM .
> Where did I made a mistake ?
> Later on I always use Fedora 6 (CD version) which doesn't accomodate the new
> version of hardware.
> Please help
> Thanks
> Indra
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