home network planning question FC6

Tom Poe tompoe at fngi.net
Mon Nov 26 04:12:59 UTC 2007

I'm running FC6 on two desktops.  One desktop has DHCP/DSL access now.  
The other desktop has no access now.  I made a diagram ( 
http://www.ibiblio.org/studioforrecording/media/network.png) that 
describes my latest plan to connect the two desktops to the Internet, to 
each other, and to a wireless access point (Meraki unit) for future 
laptop access to the network.

Here's the narrative:
1]  this is the DHCP/DSL box from Qwest.
2]  this is a Linksys WRT54G wireless broadband router
3]  this is a Meraki wireless access point/router
4]  this is a desktop workstation
5]  this is an asterisk-dedicated desktop for calling/receiving calls 
with softphone

The DHCP/DSL device is already configured and working.  I'm thinking I 
have to configure the two desktops before I plug them into the router.  
Can anyone list the info and where I enter it in FC6 to be permanent 
Thanks, Tom

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